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Bill Conlin's Storied Career At The Philadelphia Daily News Ends Amid Child Molestation Allegations


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Bill Conlin's legendary career at the Philadelphia Daily News came to an abrupt end yesterday amid allegations of sexual molestation, which dates back nearly 40 years.

Within the span of 24 hours, Bill Conlin's reputation has been irreparably scarred. Conlin, who is regarded as the top sports writer in Philadelphia, has been relegated to being just another high-profile child predator. Instead of being associated with writing fantastic Phillies articles he is associated with the likes of actor Jeffrey Jones, Jerry Sandusky, and many other creeps.

Nancy Phillips, a writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, unleashed a bombshell yesterday which effectively destroyed Conlin's career. Phillips didn't pull any punches in her column and has plenty of facts backing up the claims from three women and a man who claim they were molested by Conlin in the 1970's.

One of the four adults happens to be Conlin's niece, Kelley Blanchet - who is an Atlantic City prosecutor.

Despite the allegations, Conlin won't face any criminal charges due to New Jersey's statute of limitations on alleged cases prior to 1996. Since these allegations date back to the 1970's there is no chance that Conlin can be charged with any crime.

As with any situation, we have to soak in all of the facts before reaching a judgment, but at this point it appears that Conlin is guilty of some pretty horrible misdeeds.

For anyone who is skeptical just ask yourself this. Why would Conlin's niece (in this case a prosecutor) come out in public and make up a story about being molested by him?

Some are wondering just why these people decided to wait 40 years to tell their stories. The four people who accuse Conlin of being molested decided to make their stories known following the Jerry Sandusky child sex scandal.

Conlin has retained the services of renown Philadelphia attorney George Bochetto, who released the following statement: "Mr. Conlin is obviously floored by these accusations, which supposedly happened 40 years ago," Bochetto said. "He has engaged me to do everything possible to bring the facts forward to vindicate his name."

The Baseball Writers of America are facing heavy criticism for coming out in support of Conlin. "Bill Conlin has been a member in good standing of the BBWAA since 1966. The allegations have no bearing on his winning the 2011 J.G. Taylor Spink Award, which was in recognition of his notable career as a baseball writer," they said in a released statement.

Bill Conlin was inducted into the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame in 2009.

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