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Is Elizabeth Taylor Dead? Death Not True According to TMZ, CNN or Radar Online


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The Elizabeth Taylor death rumors are running rampant today, but rather than rely upon Twitter for my news, I do what any sane person should do.

I seek out TMZ, CNN, or other credible news outlets like Radar Online.

And, when you check out TMZ, there's nothing to be said about Elizabeth Taylor's death. Top story is about Lindsay Lohan.

Now, let's see what CNN has to say about Elizabeth Taylor. Nothing, but more news about Egypt following Mubarak's resignation.

And, finally does Radar Online have anything about Elizabeth Taylor? Nada.

There you have it people. Elizabeth Taylor did not die. She's still alive - at least according to the credible news sources.

Now, what is true is that Elizabeth Taylor was hospitalized for congestive heart failure according to ABC News. That's all we do know...for now.

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