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Natalie Munroe's Suspension Over Her Blog Is An Epic Injustice


water cooler logoCentral Bucks East High teacher Natalie Munroe, who was suspended last week for her comments on a blog regarding students is firing back. And, she has every right to. She said she didn't do anything wrong, because...she didn't!

Munroe's blog posts often erupted into tirades about how lazy, whiney, and out of control her students were.

“My students are out of control. They are rude, disengaged, lazy whiners," Munroe wrote in a post dated Oct. 27, 2009. "They curse, discuss drugs, talk back, argue for grades, complain about everything, fancy themselves entitled to whatever they desire and are just generally annoying.”

And, you know what? Natalie Munroe is right. Look at the statistics of American students today. They are abysmal. American students lag far behind many industrialized nations in reading, math, and science. Also, if you take notice when you go to the mall or go out anywhere for that matter - many youngsters lack any sort of respect these days.

Finally a teacher has spoken up about this travesty in a public manner, and she should be praised.

Instead, Natalie Munroe may possibly be fired over the blog post, which would be a violation of her First Amendment rights.

In fact, for her to even be suspended is a violation of free speech. She didn't say anything threatening. And, she didn't name names or even say what school she taught at.  Added to that, she didn't do this on school property.

Hopefully the staff at Central Bucks East High School won't  go against their better judgment. Otherwise, Natalie Munroe can have them for lunch in the court of law.

Turns out the parents of these students are the ones who alerted school authorties. Rather than complaining about Munroe's blog, these same parents who raise these failures should look in the mirror and do a better job of parenting.

They are largely responsible for the downfall of our nation's youth. Many parents pamper and reward these same kids who misbehave.

Maybe Ed Rendell was onto something when he said our nation is becoming a nation of wusses.

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