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Shooting Outside Bleu Martini in Old City Raises Safety Concerns on Busy Philadelphia Streets



In the early to late 2000’s, my friends and I were in Old City every weekend. The only thing we ever had to worry about was the occassional drunk who would pick fights with people on the way to their car, or former Phillie Jason Michaels punching out one of Philly’s Finest.

Man times sure have changed.

When I first heard about the shooting outside Bleu Martini early Sunday morning that left one person critically wounded and another in stable condition, I couldn’t believe things have gotten THAT bad in the city to where some nimrod goes and opens fire in the middle of a crowd who most likely had nothing to do with the events that precipitated the shootings.  Moreover, there was reportedly a heavy police presence around the area.

Really, man? Either this guy has a death wish, or is on something I want no parts of.

Police have a suspect in custody, but are keeping quiet on the situation as of Sunday night, according to CBS3.

Usually, you hear of occurrences like these at a local corner bar sometime around 4am in the morning. Not at one of Philly’s most populated areas on a Saturday night.

Tom Weise from Mullica Hill, NJ, is the drummer for the local band “Prophet Said I.” Weise used to play at the now defunct Khyber (which was walking distance from Bleu Martini) with his old band, but now has reservations about socializing in the vicinity.

“To be honest I am a little bit surprised. I’ve played music there a few times, and spent many long nights on that side of town,” says Weise. “I never felt unsafe. Now I am somewhat skeptical to venture over that way to say the least.”

Chances are that Weise is not alone in his sentiments. This is the second shooting on Market Street in the last year. The last shooting was actually caught on tape, and the defendant was acquitted this week.


Slideshow: Fox 29 Surveillance Tape: MyFoxPHILLY.com

Since police were present and the defendant (according to the jury) in January of 2010's shooting acted in self-defense, you have to ask yourself whether these shootings were two freak instances, or if this senseless violence is going to continue to escalate in Philadelphia’s populated areas to the point where people are afraid to go into the city?

To all the knuckleheads out there: Count to ten and take a deep breath before pretending to be Clint Eastwood. Believe me, EVERYONE has moments in their life when they aren’t thinking straight. You won’t go to jail, we can all have a good time, and everybody wins. I know I sound like the protagonist at the end of one those cop shows like Hunter or Starsky and Hutch, but just take my word for it. You're ruining it for everybody.


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