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Did Somali Pirates Commit Terrorist Act By Killing Four Americans On Yacht?


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Reports have just surfaced that four Americans, who were taken hostage by Somali pirates off the coast of East Africa have been shot and killed. The Americans included a Californian couple and two other people.

In 2007, Somali pirates killed a Chinese sailor.  And, in 2009 a French sailor was killed during a raid by French special forces.

This is the first time that Americans have been murdered at the hands of Somali Pirates, who have been a serious threat to international shipping and sailors for years.

Generally, Somali pirates have released their hostages - after receiving ransom payments.

All things considered, one can make an argument that Somali Pirates are a terrorist organization. They fit the very definition of terrorists and there is evidence that their "plunder" supports terrorism.

Would you consider the Somali Pirates to be terrorists?

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