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Kirk Douglas and Jennifer Hudson Are The Talk Of The 2011 Oscars


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The 83rd Annual Oscars are regarded as the most boring and the worst Academy Awards ever by many.

Anne Hathaway and James Franco were regarded as a failed experiment, lacking any chemistry whatsoever. I happen to disagree and think people are killing them for the wrong reasons. Granted, the material they were given wasn't the greatest, but it's a unfair to say Franco and Hathaway were the worst hosts ever.

The talk of the 2011 Oscars isn't Hathaway and Franco, but rather Kirk Douglas, who was brought out to present the Best Supporting Actress Award early in the evening. In my opinion, it was very awkward to have him out there. Douglas is an absolute legend and did his best to present, but it was reminiscient of Dick Clark on New Year's Rockin' Eve.

By having Franco and Hathaway as hosts, the Oscar producers were trying to gear the broadcast towards younger people, but they missed the mark by having Douglas out there, who many young people cannot relate to. It's a shame because Douglas is a legend and it would have worked much better had the producers put him alongside his son Michael.

Jennifer Hudson is also the talk of the evening as she has slimmed up almost to the point where people think she might be too thin. Hudson stated earlier this month that she lost 80 pounds - thanks to her diet and exercise regimine.

Hudson is one of the greatest stories in recent memory. She went from being one of the runnerups in American Idol to having a brilliant music career, a starring role in Sex and the City, and experiencing the loss of her mother, brother, and nephew, who were murdered by her brother-in-law.

Turn to 2011 and Hudson has resurrected her life and image. Now, she is being compared to Halle Berry as one of the most beautiful African American stars in Hollyood.

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