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Zach Galifianakis Turns In Legendary Hosting Performance on Saturday Night Live Last Night


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Last night, a superstar was born on NBC just before midnight.
When Zach Galifianakis hosted Saturday Night Live last May, (next to the Betty White episode) it was the funniest episode of the year. However, it wasn’t quite as well received as last night’s episode.
Last night was another story. Galifianakis turned in a legendary performance as the host of SNL. From his opening monologue to the final 'Titanic' skit, it was a comedic tour de force.

Galifianakis has now become a superstar. There are moments in an actor or comedian’s career when they break out. For Galifianakis it was his role in “The Hangover.”

Then there are moments when they become a superstar.

First off, the monologue was easily the best monologue of the season and perhaps the past several years. Typically, SNL hosts tell you about their personal lives or the movie they’re currently starring in when they host. Instead, Galifianakis used it as a platform for his standup comedy. He poked fun at the run-of-the-mill monologues by saying he has many exciting things coming up such as appearing at Long John Silvers and babysitting his sister’s kids on Skype. In addition, he did a couple character voices of a redneck and a guy from Queens. For his encore, he stripped down to a Little Orphan Annie dress and flashed cue cards with scrawled messages - an ode to Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues video.


In his first skit of the evening, Galifianakis sat in the audience of “The Talk” and portrayed a superfan of the “The View.”


Everybody will be certainly talking about the Scared Straight skit for years. This was the bit of the night, which featured Kenan Thompson in his usual role as Lorenzo McIntosh and Jason Sudekis as the prison guard. Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, and Bobby Moynihan were the bad kids who got hauled in by Sudekis’ character.

Once Galifianakis was rolled in on a dolly and made to look like Hannibal Lecter, you knew this bit was going to be special, as they wasted little time in crossing the safe boundaries on air. When Thompson recalled the plot to “Home Alone,” Galifiiankis retorted with “You won’t be getting hit in the head with cans of paint. You’ll get hit in the mouth with nuts and taint.” The entire bit was hilarious, brilliant, edgy, and comedic gold.

The digital short of the evening featured Galifianakis interviewing children to be his next assistant.

For his final bit of the evening, Galifianakis played the ship captain of the Titanic, who attempted to disguise himself as a woman to save his arse.

Generally, Weekend Update is the highlight of the evening. In saying that, you know it’s a great episode when that becomes an afterthought. I don’t even think Stefan or The Second Hand Newsguy could have upstaged Galifianakis last night.

Comedians like Zach Galifianakis are a rare breed. His timing his impeccable, and I dare say he's even more brilliant than Andy Kaufman- whom he's clearly influenced by. He's not afraid to take big risks with his comedy. Oh yeah - he's also not afraid to sacrifice his hair either, as he shaved his head like Mr. T just prior to the curtain call.

In all the episode was legendary. This performance immediately puts Galifianakis in the SNL Hall of Fame. I look forward to him hosting as many times as Alec Baldwin over the years.

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