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Gilbert Gottfried Fired By Aflac: Meant No Harm, But Should Have Known Better


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Gilbert Gottfried is about as edgy as they get in the world of comedy. He's also harmless. His Twitter comments yesterday regarding Japan's earthquake and tsunami victims were offensive, but not agenda-driven or mean-spirited (see Rush Limbaugh). Yesterday Gilbert Gottfried was fired by Aflac for making some pretty offensive tweets on Twitter.

Anyone who is a fan of Gottfried's work over the years knows he lives on the low road. He's an acquired taste and not for everybody. From his appearances on Howard Stern and Preston and Steve, to the Friar's Club roasts on Comedy Central, and his own stand up, he's clearly a comedic genius.

This comedic genius earned him a great gig at Aflac as the voice of the duck. It became a joke of sorts in Hollywood that Gottfried, who is a dirty comic, could get such a gig.

Yesterday Gottfried went really low on Twitter with his comments regarding Japanese victims of the earthquake, tsunami, and even the nuclear disaster. He certainly didn't mean to hurt anyone, but the timing is poor. You simply can't say those types of things when you're in the public eye.

And, Gilbert Gottfried should have known better. If anything he's guilty of poor judgement. Not to mention, a huge customer base for Aflac is Japan.

He's certainly not a bad man though.

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