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Deion Sanders Gives Up on Dallas Cowboys Receiver Dez Bryant


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Deion Sanders has cut ties with Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant after an incident at a Dallas mall.

Bryant was hanging out with his friends at a Dallas mall, when an off-duty police officer requested that Bryant and his friends pull up their pants because their underwear was showing. Bryant responded with a profanity, according to the police report. He was issued with a criminal trespass warning and kicked out of the mall with his cronies.

Let's break this down here. An arrogant professional athlete hanging out with his friends with his underwear hanging out in public? Check.

An arrogant professional athlete curses at a police officer when he's called out on said ignorant behavior? Check.

Just how bad do you have to be for Deion Sanders to consider you a lost cause?! Deion Sanders is about as arrogant as it gets when it comes to professional athletes. But, I'll give him credit here for cutting ties with Bryant. Deion was quoted as saying Dez Bryant "needs help," and he called his behavior "ignorant." You know if Deion Sanders considers someone a lost cause, then they must be pure poison.

It's clear that Bryant is a young punk and a wannabe thug. Apparently, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Bryant's mom is a convicted drug dealer.

Don't forget many NFL teams stayed away from Bryant during the draft because of his character issues and this is just further proof that he's bad news.

Now that the Cowboys have given him a few million dollars, it will just add fuel to the fire. Mark it down, Dez Bryant will go the way of Plaxico Burress within five years.

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