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Donald Trump's Obama Birth Certificate Rants Overshadow Celebrity Apprentice


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During this time of the year Donald Trump is in the headlines for NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, which is in it’s 4th season. This season of Celebrity Apprentice is arguably the best one yet and the past episode scored a season-high in the ratings department.

I must admit, I had zero interest in Celebrity Apprentice before last season when Bret Michaels captivated the attention of millions. I got sucked into it and have been addicted to Celebrity Apprentice since. Suffice it to say, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine.

However, Donald Trump is getting more attention this week for his rants related to President Obama’s birth certificate. Last week Donald Trump let the cat out of the bag and admitted to being a “birther.” While, on “The View” he got into it with Whoopi Goldberg and argued against his validity as an American citizen.

There is a movement in this country called The Birther Movement, which grew out of suspicion of President Barack Obama’s legitimacy as an American citizen. Their official website is birthers.org, where they claim they are “dedicated to the rebirth of our Constitutional Republic.” Many of the people who subscribe to the notion that Obama isn’t an American citizen are simply dismissive of his status due to his race. There is large evidence that much of the birther movement is grounded in racism. Whoopi Goldberg pointed out to Trump about the race issue and he fired back yesterday by saying her comments were “insulting.”

Yesterday, Donald Trump further escalated the Obama birth certificate issue by showing his birth certificate and demanding that President Obama show his. Sounds like a game of “you show me mine and I’ll show you yours.”

Trump has thrown his name into the ring with the list of potential Republican Presidential candidates. Perhaps, this is a ploy to get publicity. If that’s the case, he’s going about it the wrong way. When it comes down to crunch time, most people in the middle-of-the-road will not take him seriously.

I certainly do not consider Trump to be a racist, but he’s barking up the wrong tree by associating himself with fringe right-wingers and Tea Party extremists who are associated with the birther movement. That will only bring bad PR upon himself.

And, as we all know, the bosses at Comcast do not like controversy. They were behind the firing of Keith Olbermann shortly after the Comcast-NBC merger. And, Keith Olbermann was hardly offensive. While he may have been biased in his opinions, he didn’t tie his hip to controversial conspiracy theories, which are associated with racism.

Donald Trump would do best by laying off this issue and coming to the realization that President Obama is an American citizen. Because that is a fact.

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