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West Chester University Students Start Charlie Sheen Social Media Campaign on Facebook


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NBC 10's Tim Furlong broke the story last night and it's true. Some West Chester University students have started up a Facebook campaign to get Charlie Sheen to be their commencement speaker.

Charlie Sheen has been an around-the-clock sound byte machine for over a week now since his interview on the Alex Jones Show. Sheen has been providing great content for newspapers, blogs, TV networks, and Late Night talk show hosts such as Jimmy Fallon with his outrageous interviews. Now some West Chester students are looking to get in on the Charlie Sheen action by starting up this social media campaign.

Personally, I think it's a fun idea. Charlie Sheen is a publicity magnet and box office gold in the humor department. While he would turn their graduation into a media circus, it would be a graduation for the ages.

Now, would Charlie Sheen travel to West Chester University to speak? Who knows. He did take Wired 96.5's bait when they flew a banner over his house, and called into their station on Thursday and Friday. But, flying across the country to West Chester is another story.

With Charlie Sheen, anything is possible though.

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