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Katie Couric Goes The Brian Williams Route With Funny or Die Video


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CBS News Anchor Katie Couric is the latest newsperson to cross the aisle from news into comedy by doing a video for Funny or Die. Katie Couric parodied herself by doing an investigative report on the "shake the sillies" playtime chant. During the Funny or Die video, Katie Couric goes to a preschool and informs the kids of her findings that "shake the sillies out" do not work.

Katie Couric also interviewed the people behind the Funny or Die website, which is among the most popular sites on the web.

Katie Couric's venture into comedy puts her in the company of fellow newsperson Brian Williams. NBC's Brian Williams has done in it on many occasions by appearing on The Daily Show, hosting Saturday Night Live in 2007, and even appearing on 30 Rock.

Check out Katie Couric's Funny or Die video below.

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