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Last Comic Standing Finalist Mike De Stefano Dies Of Massive Heart Attack


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Comedian Mike De Stefano, a finalist on NBC's Last Comic Standing has died of a massive heart attack.

This marks the second major death related to "Last Comic Standing" as Greg Giraldo passed away from a drug overdose last September. Giraldo served as a judge on show.

A rep for the 44-year-old DeStefano, confirmed the news in a statement to TMZ. "It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of a dear friend, a true gentleman, a great comic, and a fierce warrior, Mike DeStefano," his rep said. "Mike had a lot of wisdom to share with the world from his own life lessons and he always did it with laughter and a smile.

De Stefano, a former heroin addict, used his personal struggles and tragedy as part of his stand-up titled “Drugs, Disease and Death: A Comedy", which talked about his wife's death, being HIV positive, and his previous addiction.

Mike De Stefano was clean for 11 years and only 44 years old. It's a huge loss for the comedy world as he was seen as a rising star on the scene. He finished 4th in voting on Last Comic Standing. While Felipe Esparza (the winner) was brilliant in his own right, De Stefano should have won Last Comic Standing. De Stefano was a major reason to watch from the time of his audition on the show. Mike De Stefano's comedy was emotional, brilliant, hard-hitting and he was able to utilize his inner demons to bring it about. He epitomized a comedian with a dark background who was able to use those demons to make people laugh. It was hard to find a quality clip of De Stefano that doesn't contain explicit language. So, if you have your kids in the room while you're reading this beware of explicit language in the clip below.

De Stefano defied the odds and turned his life around in a big way. Sadly he won't get to enjoy the fruits of his labors.

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