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The Phillies Open the 2011 Season Today: A Tale of Two Offseasons


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As the Philadelphia Phillies get set to embark upon their 2011 season against the Astros today, there are many questions surrounding the team. I'm not just talking about the gametime questions due to the horrid weather today.

It really has been a tale of two offseasons for the Phillies. Phillies fans were given the ultimate Christmas present when they shocked the baseball world by stealing Cliff Lee from the Yankees and Rangers. They went from prohibitive favorites to winning the World Series and having the greatest season ever in Philly sports to an injury-plagued team. First came the injury to Chase Utley. Then came the injury to Domonic Brown. And, now Brad Lidge may be out until July despite the 3-to-6 window touted by the Phillies. Even Placido Polanco has been banged up.

Despite losing Chase Utley and Brad Lidge to injury, the Phillies are still the odds-on favorite to win the National League.

There is a possibility that the Phillies' dream season could turn into a nightmare with an injury to either Cliff Lee or Roy Halladay.

Could today's nasty weather be a harbinger for the Phillies in the form of a dark cloud? Or will that dark cloud go disappear once they start playing ball?

Even when you add up all of the negatives throughout the preseason, this is a World Series team on paper. One can argue this is the greatest pitching rotation ever assembled. And, that alone makes the Phillies a candidate to win their second World Series in four seasons.

As P2P's Joe Vallee eloquently stated, it's showtime for the Phillies. And, showtime begins at 1:09 P.M.

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