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Kobe Bryant's $100,000 Fine For Using Gay Slur Is 100% Justified


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Kobe Bryant is under fire today for reportedly calling a referee a "f*g**t" during last night's game after being issued his 15th technical foul of the season. And Commissioner David Stern wasted little time in bringing down the hammer on Bryant for his "offensive comments." Since then, Bryant has apologized for the outburst and even addressed the homophobic slur on 710 ESPN today.

Bryant's $100,000 fine is completely justified. Homophobes and uneducated people will defend Kobe Bryant, but when you're an athlete making tens of millions of dollars a year you have to be held to a higher standard.

If you read some of the comments on CNN, defending Kobe Bryant then you can see there are many uneducated bottom feeders who think he's in the right.

Whether you're in the heat of the moment or not, as an athlete you have to behave in good taste. This applies to the NFL, MLB, NHL, and the NBA. This has nothing to do with being "PC," but everything to do with acting like a professional. Added to that, there are stories every day of gay people being bullied in high schools. If the NBA doesn't come down hard on Bryant, it makes this looks ten times worse. I won't agree with David Stern on many things, but his handling of the Kobe Bryant situation was swift and proper.

For Twitter users' opinions on Kobe Bryant's gay slur check them out here.  For the clip of Kobe Bryant's outburst, check out the clip below.

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