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Arizona Governor Shoots Down Birther Bill, Texas Wildfires Close To Dallas-Fort-Worth, and Donald Trump Close to Running For President


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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Shoots Down Birther Bill

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who took a lot of heat for signing a controversial illegal immigration law last year, illustrated that even she won’t appease the far right lunatics known as “birthers.”

On Monday, Governor Brewer vetoed a bill that would have required President Obama and other presidential candidates to prove their U.S. citizenship before their names could appear on the state's ballot.

Arizona would have been the first state to pass such a requirement, had the bill been voted into law. Arizona already took a lot of heat over the immigration law last year, so it was a smart move by Brewer to veto the so-called birther bill, which does nothing but feed the lunatic masses and fringe Tea Partiers.

Texas Wildfires Closing In on Dallas-Fort-Worth Area

It’s bad enough that a record drought has enabled a series of massive wildfires in Texas. But high winds are coming at the worst time.

Now, the wildfires (which have already burned 150,000 acres) are creeping towards the Dallas-Fortworth Area, where one of the busiest international airports in the world is located of course. As of Tuesday evening they are within 100 miles of Dallas-Fort Worth.

Texas is going through it’s worst drought in 50 years and there is no end in site for the drought or the massive wildfires.

Donald Trump Close to Announcing a Presidential Run

Donald Trump hasn’t made it official that he’s running for president in 2012, but he’s pretty darn close. NBC Nightly News aired an interview with a very combative Donald Trump, who denied charges of his business failures and questionable dealings alleged by NBC National Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff.

During the interview, Trump defended his businesses practices that left his Atlantic City properties in bankruptcy and other questionable business practices.

Trump insists that his many successes as a businessman qualify him to be the next Commander in Chief. Critics (like myself) allege that he’s fighting the wrong battle by aligning himself with the Obama birthers. And, critics also allege he has far more failures as a businessman and his genius lies in his ability to generate publicity for himself. In fact, there are some who think his potential presidential run is just another publicity stunt.

On a final note, I must say I was surprised to see NBC putting out a critical segment on Trump, who hosts Celebrity Apprentice - an NBC program.

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