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Lindsay Lohan Back in John Gotti Movie, Frank McCourt May Sue MLB, and Explosives Found in Mall Near Columbine High School


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Lindsay Lohan is Back In John Gotti Epic Movie

Hours after Lindsay Lohan got booted off the project, she was signed to a two-picture deal with the producers of the much-hyped John Gotti epic film. Lohan is back on board and will star Kimberly Gotti, the wife of John Gotti Jr. in the film which will star John Travolta.

This is quite a 180 from yesterday when producer Mark Fiore told E! that Lindsay Lohan would not be playing Victoria Gotti and that “talks are done.”

As of right now, the film doesn’t have a director as Nick Cassavettes has dropped out of his role of Director due to a scheduling conflict.

Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt May Sue MLB

Major League Baseball has assumed control of the L.A. Dodgers from owner Frank McCourt. And, he may sue MLB according to sources close to the situation.

McCourt has reportedly hired hired the law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell.

According to MLB rules, Bud Selig may authorize a takeover of any team with two-thirds consent of MLB owners. If it’s as cut and dry as that, then McCourt has no basis by which to sue.

Explosives Found Near Columbine High School On 12th Anniversary of School Shootings

Authorities are investigating the discovery of a pipe bomb and other explosvies in a Colorado mall found near Columbine High School on the 12th anniversary of the shootings.

The FBI has now identified a person of interest in the alleged domestic terror plot.

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