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Brandon Marshall Is The NFL's Version of Lindsay Lohan


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Brandon Marshall has had his share of run-ins off the field in recent years. While he’s one of the elite talents in the game, many teams would rather not bother with the headaches and rightly so. Many times his idiotic decisions off the field overshadow his brilliant play on it.

Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland surrendered two second round picks for his services last year and is probably scratching his head today over that decision.

Marshall’s latest off-the-field incident resulted in him nearly fighting for his life after being stabbed by his wife. Fortunately, he was stabbed in his stomach and not in a vital organ, or we would be having an entirely different conversation. Marshall has since been released from the hospital.

Brandon Marshall’s erratic behavior has made him the butt of many jokes and the poster child for everything wrong with professional athletes these days. And, even when he claims he’s “getting better” you just know another incident is bound to happen. We’ve seen this play out before.

Marshall in many ways mirrors Lindsay Lohan, who has popped up in the headlines more for her legal troubles than her actual work on the screen. Lohan, like Marshall is immensely talented, but prone to making dumb decisions.

This past week Lindsay Lohan appeared to turn the corner by landing a role in the much-publicized John Gotti film. Then on Thursday she wanted to pull a Lohan-esque move by postponing her Friday court appearance because of Good Friday. The Judge was having none of that and rejected her request.

Yesterday, Lohan was sentenced to 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service - including 120 hours working in a county morgue for stealing a $1000 necklace. Mind you, she could probably buy 100 of these necklaces without batting an eye. Lohan is now looking at her second jail sentence in less than a year.

Lohan posted $75,000 bail last night and is free - pending an appeal of her sentence. Apparently, Lindsay Lohan is brushing this latest incident off as she feels "blindsided" by the sentence and that the whole experience is "f****d up." So much for being accountable for your own (bad) decisions.

Now back to Marshall. He married his wife Michi Nogami (a psych major in college) who he claimed was helping him get his life in order. Marshall and Nogami were barely married a year before she stabbed him apparently in self defense.

This isn’t their first run-in with the law either. Back in 2009, Marshall and Nogami (then his fiance) got into a fist fight outside his Atlanta condo, but the charges were dropped. Marshall’s checkered past with women doesn’t stop there though. Back in 2007, his former high school sweetheart Rasheedah Watley claimed she used a knife to defend herself against Marshall during a fight. Over the years he has had numerous violent incidents involving Watley, in which she had to call the police. Just google "Brandon Marshall run ins" and you can see a laundry list of dirt on him.

Aside from his issues with women, Marshall has had other run-ins over the years ranging from a DUI to pulling a gun out on his father. Back on December 31, 2006 - Marshall and several Broncos teammates were present at "The Shelter," a nightclub in Denver, as part of a birthday celebration for Denver Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin. Brandon Marshall and his cousin got into an argument with someone at the club and teammate Darrent Williams was shot dead in a driveby shooting later that evening. Javon Walker acknowledged that the argument contributed to Williams’ death. Even Marshall testified that he felt partly responsible for Williams' ultimate demise.

Like Lindsay Lohan, Brandon Marshall can’t seem to stay out of trouble. For Lohan, she has issues with partying and apparently not paying for a necklace.

Marshall on the other hand, has a clear issue with violence against women. They say a leopard can’t change its spots. When you consider the amount of chances Marshall and Lohan have had over the years you wonder if they ever will “get it.”

Sometimes an individual responds after hitting rock bottom. For some, they die before hitting bottom.

In Marshall’s case, he came pretty close to dodging death. He might not be so lucky next time.

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