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Casey Anthony Trial Gets Heated, Mel Gibson is Dating Again, and Sarah Palin Denies She Is Announcing She'll Run


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Casey Anthony Trial Gets Heated

The Casey Anthony murder trial got a little heated yesterday as a fight broke out in line yesterday. The trial is becoming such an event that people are waiting in long lines to watch the trial. As people were waiting in line for the trial, two men tried to cut in line, which precipitated into an NHL-style donnybrook.

Now, onto the trial. Casey Anthony’s defense took a severe blow yesterday when the credibility of the “bug expert” they brought in was questioned. A huge part of the prosecution’s case rests on the fact that there were maggots inside Anthony’s trunk. This allegedly proves that she kept the body of her daughter in her trunk.

The defense is refuting this claim that the maggots were inside the trunk because of a decomposing body. The bug expert reportedly mimicked a study, but with a pig carcass. What this has to do with the price of tea in China is beyond me.

Mel Gibson is Dating Again

Mel Gibson is continuing his comeback after "The Beaver" bombed and is finally dating again. Yep, there is someone out there for anybody - even a former A-lister who was busted on tape for threatening to take a baseball bat to the side of his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva's head.

Apparently, Mel Gibson is dating a “goth chick” according to TMZ.

Sarah Palin Denies She’s Running

Whether she admits it or not, Sarah Palin is a presidential candidate even though she hasn’t formally announced. She’s one of the biggest “stars” in politics and wherever she goes, the headlines follow.

Palin is refuting a report that she will announce her bid to run for President next week. Just give it time, Sarah Palin will run for President - she loves the spotlight.

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