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James Harrison's Comments: He Makes Terrell Owens Look Like a Saint


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Pittsburgh Steelers star linebacker James Harrison has managed to usurp Terrell Owens for the title of biggest jackass in the NFL with his latest controversial comments. In fact, to call them "controversial" is a major understatement. His comments are about as extreme and vial as you will ever hear from an athlete.

Terrell Owens' driveway interview during the Eagles' 2005 Preseason set the benchmark for disruption off the field.

But, Harrison's interview has set the benchmark for DESTRUCTIVE words by an athlete.

Terrell Owens isn't even in the same league as James Harrison after his ignorant comments in an interview with Men's Journal back in March.

His comments finally got out yesterday - when Men's Journal published the interview with James Harrison entitled, "Confessions of an NFL Hit Man." When you read the interview - it's almost unbelievable that a multi-millionaire athlete can say such vile things.

Harrison destroys NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and calls him a crook and a devil. He goes so far as to say he "wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire."

Then, as if that isn't bad enough he accusses the NFL of being a racist league and claims that white players don't get fined as heavily for cheap hits as black players. And, he goes so far to say that white NFL quarterbacks are more protected than black quarterbacks. For instance he claims that he laid a hit on Vince Young and got fined five grand, but when he simply touched Drew Brees he was fined twenty grand.

Harrison also ripped teammates Ben Roethlisberger and Rashard Mendenhall. He didn't rip Roethlisberger for his rape allegations, but rather chose to focus on how much money he makes saying he gets paid like Peyton Manning.

Drew Rosenhaus criticized James Harrison over his comments, (not for the how offensive they were) because he said his client Brian Cushing is "all juiced up."

Not only should James Harrison be fined, but he should be suspended for the entire 2011 NFL season for his destructive comments. His racist psychobabble has no place on or off the NFL field. Commissioner Goodell needs to send a message to NFL players that destructive comments like these are as bad as getting into a bar fight off the field.

The Men's Journal is complicit in this too. They are profiting from this controversial interview and backing up James Harrison even though he's claiming the writer twisted his words. Talk about hypocrisy!

If you want to make millions of dollars playing a sport then you should know well enough not to say such disgraceful things.

Hopefully the Pittsburgh Steelers organization realizes what a menace he is and cuts ties with him immediately.

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