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Casey Anthony Jury Verdict: A True Black Eye For The American Justice System


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Today’s shocking verdict by the jury to acquit Casey Anthony of first degree murder, reminded us that while the jury system is at the heart of the American justice system, it can also backfire. HLN Host Nancy Grace, who covered this case for three years, was so fired up by the decision she said - "the devil is dancing" at the Casey Anthony verdict.

Many people will have a knee-jerk reaction to this disgraceful decision by the twelve jurors and argue why cases can do without juries. That is asanine. There is an age-old debate about whether or not juries should be allowed to exist, but if they were removed from the equation it would open up a Pandora's Box and doom our legal system. Juries are good decision-makers and allow for objectivity and fairness in our common law system.

At the same time, there’s no way in hell a jury should have been put in the position to let this obvious murderer (Casey Anthony) avoid any sort of serious jail time.

She was acquitted of first degree murder and several other charges and only now faces a maximum of four years (on four charges) in prison for much lesser charges of providing false information to police. And she may only serve a year in prison if she gets credit for time served - since she’s been held in prison for the past three years.

Make no mistake about it - the Casey Anthony jury foolishly allowed a murderer to get away. And her sleazy attorney Jose Baez can wax poetic all he wants about there are no “winners” today, but Casey Anthony was the winner. She is luckier than a winner of the powerball or megamillions.
Added to that, Jose Baez (defender of this baby killer) actually had the gall to say he would go home to “his little girl tonight” and tell her that he saved a life. Really? Maybe he oughta tell her that she’s living in the lap of luxury because he defends scumbags like Casey Anthony. In the past, Baez has defended people like Mayor George Gant, who was accused of sexually violating two of his patients during a GYN exam and other unsavory characters.

We wouldn’t even be having this conversation if the prosecution did a better job with presenting their facts. They had a slam-dunk case against Casey Anthony who went on a party-spree while her daughter Caylee was missing. But, they were unable to bring hardcore evidence to the table. Furthermore, if her daughter was missing - why wait 30 days to report her missing? And, why go out and get a tattoo if her daughter is missing? And, why was their ducktape on the mouth of Caylee Anthony, who drowned in a pool?

It’s pretty embarrassing for Prosecutor Jeff Ashton to drop the ball like that.

The jury should not have had the slightest doubt that Anthony was anything but guilty of murder in the first degree. They left open the floodgates by not getting DNA evidence and failing to create a stronger link between Casey Anthony and the murder.

And, Baez crafted a story about Caylee Anthony's drowning and how screwed up this family was. Somehow this idiotic jury bought it hook, line, and sinker. Naturally, these twelve clowns will hide and are refusing to speak to the media.

And today, the American Justice System looks like a joke as a result of it.

Child murderer Casey Anthony will be a free woman once again, and that’s a true American travesty.

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