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Apple Passes Exxon Briefly For Title of Most Valuable Company


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For a brief time today, Apple surpassed oil giant Exxon as the most valuable company. It's no small feat for the technology giant, which has seen it's stock price soar during the Great Recession. Prior to the recession in 2008, Apple's stock price wasn't even $200. Today it closed at $374.01.

In 2010, Exxon was worth $50 more than Apple when it passed Microsoft for #2 on the corporate totem pole.

Since then Apple's iPhone sales have skyrocketed. And, there has been a continuing demand for their iPad and iPod devices.

A testament to Apple's strength as a corporation is their cash on hand - $76 billion, which is $2 billion more than the U.S. Treasury.

My oh my how times have changed.

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