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DADT Repealed: Don't Ask Don't Tell Bites the Dust...For Now


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As of midnight Tuesday, the homophobic policy known as DADT has officially been repealed. Now, gays and lesbians can openly serve in the military and not be fired as a result of "Don't Ask Don't Tell."

Seems like the way things should be right? According to a December 2010 Gallop poll, 67% of Americans favored the repeal of this draconian policy. However, Republicans and most Tea Party members have a different opinion.

Added to that, right wing religious extremists such as Michele Bachmann and Texas Gov. Rick Perry openly stated that they would turn back the clock and reverse the DADT repeal if they get elected as President.

When Bachmann was asked recently she said, "It worked very well. And I would be in consultation with our commanders. But I think yes, I probably would."

That's not surprising when you consider the pedigree of Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry who both espouse Dominionism. For those of you who don't know what dominionism is let me shed some light.

Maybe then you'll realize that Michele Bachmann and Ricky Perry are the LAST thing this country needs. In fact, our nation would probably be better off electing the rapper Chris Brown to run this country than either of these maniacs.

Dominionism means that Christians have the god-given right to rule all institutions and make anyone bend to their will who resists. In other words, it's an extremist philosophy in a similar mold to Islamic Extremism. Sure, they don't instruct people to fly planes into buildings and brainwash people to commit suicide bombings, but aside from that there isn't much difference between the two extremist philosophies.

Are these the type of people you want running your country? Probably not. Once either would be elected you can expect Don't Ask Don't Tell to be repealed. There will then be a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriages and adoptions. Roe V. Wade will be overturned too.

Then you can expect religion to permeate every aspect of lives. The teaching of evolution (SCIENCE) will be questioned.

Things could really get out of hand and this has nothing to do with the economy.

Bachmann and Perry masquerade as politicians looking to help out the unemployed and underemployed. But, in reality they are wolves in sheep's clothing.

Not only would all of President Obama's work be undone (with regards to DADT) - our nation would turn back the clock to the 1950's.

And, right now we need to focus on creating jobs and cutting down our debt. And, I'm not talking about creating minimum wage jobs like Rick Perry has done.

Of course he would have you believe he brought a few million people up from poverty into the middle class.

Right now gays and lesbians can celebrate the death of DADT. But, it's just the latest step in a long road for gay and lesbian rights in this country. Our nation is on a good path...for now.

Unless Bachmann or Perry have their way.

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