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Rick Santorum's Childish Fight With Google Over Dan Savage's "Santorum" Campaign


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Rick Santorum is whining again over the Google search results of his last name and asked the search giant to get this filth off their search results so it's not associated with him.

If you google "santorum" - the #1 result is not for his official website, but a site called spreadingsantorum.com, which was put together by gay activist and writer Dan Savage.

Santorum actually contacted Google and said he wanted the top result removed from the search engine.

The answer he got wasn't the one he wanted though. He received the automated response that Google gives to anyone who questions their practices. For anyone who has ever tried to contact Google for any reason you get the auto-response about how they can't do a damn thing for you and won't tell you why. In other words, they don't give a crap about you because there are several hundred million other people who will continue using their search engine.

Google told Santorum that they can't take down a website and that their search results are predicated upon users. Savage instructed his peeps to link to spreadingsantorum.com, which guaranteed it would be the #1 search result. They told him to contact the owner of the site and request it to be taken down.

Even though Google has annoyed my business partner and P2P co-founder Joe Vallee and myself when we contacted them about the Google Panda update, (only to get a BS response), I think they are technically in the right here. They don't have the power to delete websites, but they do have the power to drop websites' search rankings, but only on the basis of blackhat methods and spam practices (or so they openly admit - see Google Panda update for exceptions). Dan Savage is guilty of neither, thus his site shouldn't be punished - openly.

If Google were to openly punish Savage's site then it opens them up to a whole slew of lawsuits. Believe me, there are plenty of pissed off businesses who were screwed by the Google Panda update - just looking for a chance to get back at Google.

If anything Rick Santorum brought this unto himself when he decided to liken homosexuality to bestiality. What did he expect the gay community to do nothing?

Furthermore, Dan Savage is a genius for putting together the infamous "Santorum" google campaign where he rigged the search engine to link to a site he put together - which puts his last name in a rather foul and disgusting light.

Some are criticizing Savage over his offer to Santorum to remove the site if he donates $10 million to "Freedom to Marry" - a non-profit organization rick santorumdonated to legalizing gay marriages all across America. If anything Savage should be applauded for bringing gay rights to the forefront and exposing Santorum as a petulant child.

Santorum just needs to accept the fact that he's a second-rate politician whom nobody cares about aside from his extreme right-wing constituency. He has zero chance of winning the presidency so he shouldn't feel like his campaign is being thwarted, because it's an exercise in futility anyway. As for his constituency who may be offended - who cares what they think anyway? They are a step above zombies in my opinion.

Kudos to Dan Savage for a brilliant campaign, which sticks it up Santorum's rear-end literally. 

If Santorum was smarter and not such a sissy he would instruct his followers and anyone else who gives a crap about him (not that many people) to link to his campaign website. Then maybe he would overtake spreadingsantorum.com for the #1 search result.

But, he would rather have a public sissy fight over this, which makes him look all the more foolish and childish.

Which, he is.

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2:32 PM
Sun Sep 25 2011

It's Google's policy to rely on algorithms not on manual reviews (which they still do from time to time). The same story happened in the past with searches for "Jew" when a hatred site ranked #1. After Google algorithm changes though, the results look cleaner because Wikipedia got a huge boost from the Panda update. But you can still find a Google's explanation on why this particular search may render hatred results which I find totally plausible.