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Nick Cannon Kidney Failure, Celebrity Apprentice Cast Announced, and Teen With Pellet Gun Shot Dead By Cops


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Nick Cannon in Hospital for Kidney Failure

Actor Nick Cannon, the husband of singer Mariah Carey, has been transferred to a Los Angeles hospital to continue treatment for kidney failure.

Cannon, 31, was hospitalized in Aspen Colorado, while he and Carey were spending the holidays with their twin babies.

Carey then posted on her website that her husband (Nick Cannon) was suffering "mild kidney failure."

"We're trying to be as festive as possible under the circumstances but please keep Nick in your thoughts because this is very painful," Carey wrote. "They tried to kick me out of the hospital but here I am pon de bed with Mr. C."

Mariah Carey posted a photo of her alongside hubby Nick Cannon at his bedside in the hospital.

Cannon is the host of NBC's "America's Got Talent."

The 5th season of Celebrity Apprentice will debut on Sunday February 12th at 8:00 P.M.

Celebrity Apprentice Cast Announced

The cast of the 5th season of NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice" has been announced  by Donald Trump while appearing on NBC's "Today Show."

The headliners of the cast include former Amerian Idol star Clay Aiken, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider (who helped last year's champ John Rich during the season finale), filthy comedian Lisa Lampanelli, and Arsenio Hall.

Other cast members include: Adam Carolla, Lou Ferrigno, Penn Jillette, George Takei, Michael Andretti, Paul Teutul Sr., Cheryl Tiegs, Debbie Gibson, Tia Carrere, Victoria Gotti, Dayana Mendoza, Aubrey O’Day, Patricia Velásquez and Teresa Giudice.

Donald Trump calls the season 5 cast of Celebrity Apprentice the best one assembled yet. By all accounts it appears he may be right.

Teen With Pellet Gun Shot by Cops in Texas

An 8th grade student from who was shot by cops in a Brownsville, Texas school didn't pull a real gun, but rather a pellet gun.

It turns out the 15-year-old student (Jamie Gonzalez) had a pellet gun on him when he pulled it on the cops. After he was told by officers to put his gun down, the teen refused to do so and was shot dead by Brownsville, Texas police - who fired 3 shots at him.

This is likely going to result in a media firestorm for sure. While the cops did what they felt was in their best interests (protecting the students), they are sure to face heavy criticism and a lawsuit over this tragedy.

The shooting happened during first period at the school in Brownsville, a city at Texas' southern tip just across the border.

Teachers locked down classrooms and could hear police charge down the hallway and shout for González to drop the weapon, followed by multiple shots.

His parents you can be certain will have a major lawsuit underway.

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