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Will it Matter if Joe Biden Beats Paul Ryan in the Debate?


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As Vice President Joe Biden and Paul Ryan get set to square off in debate #2 tonight, much of the focus will be on whether Biden can bring some momentum back to the Democrats' election campaign.

Last week President Barack Obama was beaten badly by Mitt Romney in the first debate. Obama looked tired and lacked focus. Things were so bad for the President that he failed to bring up Mitt Romney's controversial 47% comments.

Many eyes will be on Joe Biden as he has his work cut out for him against Paul Ryan, who many see as the next Ronald Reagan. Biden has experience as a debater, but some would argue that Paul Ryan will blow Biden out of the water.

With that said, will it really make any difference if Joe Biden wins the debate tonight? It probably won't matter much.

Even though Romney has seen a surge in the polls, this race is going to be closer than Smarty Jones' defeat to Birdsong in the 2004 Belmont Stakes. We are looking at a scenario, which is similar to the election between President Bush and Al Gore in 2004 and Bush and John Kerry in 2008, when the nation was evenly split.

It really won't make a difference if Ryan wins the debate either. Sure, there will be some undecided voters who will swing to either candidate's side, but the reality is that debates don't have the impact on elections like they once had.

Whether or not Biden or Ryan wins tonight is irrelevant. In four more weeks we are going to be looking at an election which will be as close as the 2000 and 2004 elections. And, tonight's debate will do little to swing this virtual 50/50 split in one direction or the other.

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