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Whitney Houston's Cause of Death: Drowning or Accidental Drug Overdose?


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The passing of the legendary Whitney Houston marks the latest death of an artist who died well before their time. Immediately, Houston's death evokes memories of Michael Jackson's death in June 2009.

Now, details have emerged as to how Whitney Houston may have died on Saturday - while staying at the Beverly Hills Hilton. She was reportedly found in a bathtub and had water in her lungs.

In addition, she had prescription pills nearby. According to TMZ, Whitney whitney houston partying before deathHouston didn't have "a lot of pills" in possession though. And, law enforcement sources told TMZ.com that it's possible she suffered a heart attack due to a reaction from her medications, which included xanax and amoxicillin.

According to Foxnews, she may have consumed alcohol along with prescription medicine such as Xanax.

It is still too early to tell though. Even though Houston was partying during the days leading up to her death, it's plausible that she died accidentally, much like Heath Ledger.

There are also no signs of foul play with regards to a cause of death.

What is particularly troubling is that Houston was reportedly partying hard and out of control during the days leading up to her death.

The autopsy reports will take up to eight weeks to be released following toxicology results. Thus, we could be waiting for an official cause of death for several weeks.

In recent years, Houston was said to have battled her demons after her marriage to Bobby Brown. She was set to be in a new movie and working on a new album.

Thus ends a sad chapter in one of the most tumultuous lives of any artist in American history.

Ms. Houston was just 48 years old.

Photo of Whitney Houston partying from wikeez.com

Thumbnail photo from midwestsportsfans.com

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