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National Enquirer's Whitney Houston Open Casket Photo: New Low For American Media


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The American media has reached a new low after the National Enquirer released a photo of Whitney Houston in an open casket at her funeral. Not only did they release this photo, but they chose to put this on the front page of this week's edition!

The headline reads, "Whitney: The Last Photo!"

Really? Is this where you have to stoop these days to sell magazines? I think we all understand that less people are paying money for magazines and newspapers since they can get free content online, but this is the most digusting thing any publisher (tabloid or not) has done in ages.

Not only is it callous and shameful, but it's downright low rent.

There are some who feel the photo is fake, but no one from Whitney Houston's family has come out and said the photo is a fake.

Regardless, it's a disgusting way to get press for a publication - whether or not the photo is fake.

What is most digusting is that the publisher of the National Enquirer  Mary Beth Wright stands behind the decision to publish this cover. She called Whitney Houston's casket photo a "work of art."

Not only is Wright deplorable, but she's also delusional.

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