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Sacha Baron Cohen Sticks it to Ryan Seacrest at the 2012 Oscars


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For those who can't stand Ryan Seacrest, then you got your wish last night at the 2012 Oscars.

When Seacrest was interviewing Sacha Baron Cohen, on the red carpet he had no clue what was coming to him.

Cohen, who was dressed up as his character General Aladeen from "The Dictator" brought with him a special guest; Kim Jong Il's ashes. Then Cohen proceeded to dump the fake urn all over Ryan Seacrest and his expensive tuxedo. And, he kept dumping and dumping those ashes!

Finally the security officers came over and drug Sacha Baron Cohen away from Seacrest who appeared to be pissed.

For those of us who are fed up with Seacrest, this was a dream come true.

Then there are those who felt this was a classless stunt at the wrong venue - probably better suited for the MTV VMA's.

Today, Baron Cohen's stunt is getting some thumbs ups from a few celebrities.

I'm sure there are plenty who didn't find the stunt funny at all though.

Tell us what you think of Sacha Baron Cohen's prank on Ryan Seacrest.

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