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Super Bowl 2012 Puts Indianapolis In Global Spotlight


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"What time is the Super Bowl 2012" is what is on many people's minds throughout America today. But, at 6:30 P.M. when Super Bowl XLVI kicks off, this game will be as much about the arrival of Indianapolis as an American powerhouse as it is about the Giants-Patriots rematch.

Indianapolis Colts fans are unlikely to forget their team's horrific 2-14 season anytime soon. And, with the Peyton Manning - Jim Irsay saga downtown Indianapolisdominating headlines, having a Super Bowl in Indianapolis might be the best thing for the fans and citizens of this midwestern city. But, this is not the only reason why hosting Super Bowl XLVI is a boon for this midwestern city, which has taken a back seat to Midwestern cities like Chicago and even Pittsburgh.

This week the folks of Indianapolis are not just in the national spotlight, but the global spotlight. And, by all accounts, the city has delivered in a huge way, despite some writers who refuse to give Indy it's due as a great city. There was criticism over how some smaller cities like Jacksonville handled the Super Bowl in the past, but the same cannot be said for Indy.

The entire city of Indianapolis from the mayor to the city workers have stepped up in a huge way this past week and put on a World Class production. 

Indianapolis was formerly known as "Naptown" but not any longer. The 2012 Super Bowl has resulted in a resurgence for this fine midwestern city.

super bowl village indianapolisThis week 150,000 visitors descended on a new, vibrant district before Super Bowl Sunday. 

And, even the harshest critics agreed that the city had successfully erased its image as a boring city, which was dubbed "flyover country." The city is now flourishing and inviting businesses to set up shop (as one of the least expensive cities in America) as they continue to develop.

Restaurants, hotels, theaters, and a 3-mile canal walk surround Lucas Oil Stadium and Super Bowl Village. In addition, thousands of residents have moved into downtown apartments and condos.

Now it appears that Indianapolis is in the position Detroit once was, when Detroit was a powerhouse decades ago.

This week the world will notice how far Indy has come along. And, the results of hosting Super Bowl XLVI have already created a huge resurgence for what was once a lower-tier city in America.

Tonight when Tom Brady's New England Patriots take on Eli Manning's New York Giants this game will also mark the arrival of Indianapolis as a first-class American city. 

The image of Indianapolis is on the line by hosting Super Bowl 2012, but with how well the city has done this week they have nothing to fear.

Photo of downtown Indianapolis from indianapolis-downtown-hotels.com

Photo of Super Bowl village from indystar.com

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