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Philadelphia Police Arrest "Black Madam" The Infamous Butt Injection Mastermind


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Philadelphia Police have arrested the infamous "Black Madam," the mastermind behind an illegal buttocks implant operation. Black Madam is alleged to have organized "Pumping Parties" for the purpose of performing these illegal butt implant injections.  Police raided a Germantown home on Wednesday evening as she prepared to host one of these so-called parties.

Black Madam, who is known as a transgender hiphop artist, was sought by police earlier in February after she was idenitifed as a person of interest in the death of British model Claudia Aderotimi and the prime suspect in another case involving a Temple student. Just over one year ago, Aderotimi died after receiving a butt implant injection.

Black Madam is also known as Padge-Victoria Windslowe (42). She has a website called blackmadam.com, where she promotes her music and has a Facebook page as well.

Investigators believe Windslowe has injected around 14 people dating back to last year through a grassroots, word-of-mouth marketing campaign. As part of her operation, "recruiters" would seek out people who wanted buttocks enhancements through emails, blogs, and conversations. Then, they would set up a rendezvous point - usually at a hotel or private residence, according to Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker. The procedures cost anywhere from $700 to $1,800 in cash.

Black Madam was known to organize parties called "Pumping Parties," where she would perform illegal butt implant procedures by injecting silicon directly into the buttocks. The practice is highly dangerous and potentially fatal.

Despite the death of Aderotimi, authorities haven't definitively ruled her death a result of the botched butt implant injection.

Police allege that on February 19th another woman fell ill after receiving a butt injection from Windslowe.

"What we believe happened is the same thing that happened in a previous case... the injection struck a blood vessel," Walker said. "Whatever the stuff is -- we believe it's silicone -- went into the blood stream, landed into her lungs and caused shortness of breath."

Windslowe has been charged with aggravated assault in that incident, but hasn't been charged with Aderotimi's death though. Police will meet with Philadelphia D.A. Seth Williams and the medical examiner today, to discuss Aderotimi's death.

When Windslowe was accosted by reporters last night, she was quite arrogant about the whole situation and even smirked before getting into a police car.

Police recovered a plethora of items during the raid - including vials of superglue, silicon, gloves, bottles, needles, and other items.

Not only is it insane that she continued running her illegal butt injection operation after allegedly causing someone's death, but even more insane that women would trust her to begin with.

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