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Cell Phone Jammer Story From NBC 10 in Philadelphia Goes Viral


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NBC 10 ran a story last night about a man known as the "Cell Phone Jammer" who got fed up with people talking on cell phones while he was on the bus.

So he took it upon himself to carry a cell phone jammer with him, which would disrupt the cell phone service of people around him.

Portable cell phone jammer devices can be purchased online for just $40.

NBC 10's Harry Hairston interviewed him for his segment "NBC Investigators." And, it turns out this device he is using is illegal. Harry Hairston called him out for it.

To some, the cell phone jammer might seem like a harmless vigilante, but what he's really doing is potentially causing harm to other people around him who may be missing an emergency phone call. What if someone is having a heart attack nearby and it prevents anyone from calling 911? This guy should be held accountable and tried for murder if so.

We all get annoyed when people talk on their cell phones in public and have to let us know how rich or important they are, but it's no reason to cut off their communication! That is flat out ridiculous.

Kudos to Harry Hairston and the folks at NBC for bringing this story some press. Now, it has gone viral and is currently #1 on google trends.

Could cell phone jammers become the next big thing? Hopefully not. All criminals need is a way to stop you from calling for help while they attack you or rob you, or if they commit a home invasion.

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