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The Denver Broncos' Acquisition of Peyton Manning Draws Comparisons to Joe Montana


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When you have a Quarterback in Tim Tebow who completes 52% of his passes, you can be certain that John Elway was excited to see Peyton Manning become available when the Colts released him this month. 

John Elway put on the full-court press for Manning and didn't let him get away. The Denver Broncos and John Elway have made it official - Peyton Manning will be their quarterback next season.

When Manning was inked to the 5-year $96 million contract it immediately joe montana steve youngdrew comparisons to the Kansas City Chiefs' acquisition of Joe Montana back in 1993.

Joe Montana is arguably the greatest Quarterback in NFL history, but he became expendable in 1993 when Steve Young emerged as their new franchise quarterback. Added to that, Montana sat out the entire 1991 season and appeared in just one game for the 49ers in 1992.

It was decided that the best thing to do would be to find a new home for Montana after 14 seasons and move on with the Steve Young era.

Peyton Manning photo: free-extras.com

Like Montana, Peyton Manning left his organization following 14 seasons, after sitting out for an extended period of time - in his case one season.

Montana immediately made the Chiefs contenders and brought a new vigor to a franchise, which couldn't get over the hump for years. Even though he  didn't recapture his Super Bowl magic with the Chiefs, he brought them pretty darn close in 1993 when they lost to the Bills in the AFC Championship.

The Colts became the prohibitive favorite to land Andrew Luck with the #1 overall pick when they started out the season in horrific fashion, losing their first 13 games. Then, it became clear that they would have to part ways with him since Manning was due a $28 million roster bonus.

Now, the Broncos emerge as favorites in the AFC to contend for the Super Bowl, assuming that Manning is healthy. While his best day's are likely behind him; a (soon-to-be) 36-year-old Manning will be better than most quarterbacks in the league.

Let's also not forget that an old Brett Favre turned in one of his greatest seasons as a pro during the 2009 season for the Vikings.

And, thus means the end of Tim Tebow's tenure at the helm for the Denver Broncos. Will he be traded, or will he sit on the sidelines and learn under Manning? It's unlikely the latter scenario will play out as the Broncos look to find him a suitor.

Manning will look to recapture his magic with the Broncos and take them to the promised land in February 2013.

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Photo of Montana and Young from ESPN.com

Photo of Manning from free-extras.com

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