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Lenny Dykstra Might Have Allen Iverson Beat


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Former Philadelphia Phillies star Lenny Dykstra has been sentenced to three years in a California prison after pleading no contest to grand theft auto. He could have gone away for a much longer time, but was able to get most of the charges dropped following his arrest last year for stealing a car and getting busted with cocaine, HGH, and ecstacy.

Thus continues his epic free fall over the past four years.

Four years ago, Dykstra was featured on HBO's Real Sports as a stock market genius. Then came the stock market crash of 2008, a deep recession, and his decision to turn to a life of crime.

In addition to his prison sentence, Dykstra is also on the hook for Federal Bankruptcy charges this summer and another case involving indecent exposure.

I can't say I feel bad for the man. Dykstra had it all and decided to throw it away. Not to mention he's become a real slimeball over the years and still hates Mitch Williams over surrendering the game-losing pitch to Joe Carter in the 1993 World Series. He's a petulant child who thought he could have it all and get away with it. He will soon learn that BS only gets you so far in this world.

In recent weeks we have learned that Allen Iverson blew through a $120 million fortune he made playing for the Philadelphia 76ers and that he pissed away his chances of playing for another NBA team. The only hope he has is for a $32 million dollar trustfund that he allegedly can't touch until he's 55 years old.

It wouldn't be out of line to suggest Iverson may die broke. His life will go down as one of the biggest tragedies in professional sports history. He's a Hall of Famer, but an enigmatic figure who could have become a champion had he taken to the team concept. He lived his life fast and furious - and with a total disregard for his future. Now that the party is over, he's up the creek without a paddle.

However, Lenny Dykstra might have him beat. He propsered as a successful businessman well after his playing days, lost it all, and chose to live the life of a criminal. Talk about an epic fall from a life of luxury.

Dykstra and Iverson don't have much in common other than the fact that they played for Philadelphia sports teams and nearly won a championship. However, they both are living examples of multimillionaire athletes who are now worse off than the rest of us average Joe's.

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