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North Korea Missile Launch Fail Ranks Among Most Expensive Blunders in History


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North Korea's much-hyped missile launch yesterday turned into a complete dud, as the missile fell apart and went into the Yellow Sea.

Thus concludes North Korea's show of strength to the world about how far they have come along in the field of science. Their reasoning behind this public display was to launch a satellite into orbit, but Obama Administration and the United Nations felt they had a nefarious purpose in mind - development of their nuclear program.

North Korea's missile launch fail ended up costing them $815 million. This is extremely disgraceful when you consider that most people in the country are starving, while their so-called communist leaders are living high on the hog.

North Korea's $815 blunder ranks up there with the most expensive blunders in recorded history.  In fact, you can even compare it to some of the biggest flops in movie history! Take a look:

Cutthroat Island (1995) Total cost: $115 million - $147.2 million in losses

The Alamo (2004) Total cost: $145 million  $146.6 million in losses

The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002) Total cost: $120 million  $145.9 million in losses

Sahara (2005) Total cost: $241 million  $144.9 million in losses

Mars Needs Moms (2011) Total cost: $175 million $140.5 million in losses

The 13th Warrior (1999) Total cost: $160 million $137.1 million in losses

Town & Country (2001) Total cost: $105 million  $124.2 million in losses

Speed Racer (2008) Total cost: $200 million  $114.5 million in losses

Heaven's Gate (1980) Total cost: $44 million  $114.3 million in losses

Stealth (2005) Total cost: $170.8 million  $111.7 million in losses

Our very own government makes it a habit to not only waste money on ridiculous projects, but to lose money as well. Here are some well-known blunders by the Federal Government:

The Big Dig: a project where Boston's main highway (Interstate 93) would be rerouted into a 3 1/2 mile tunnel under the city. This bloated project ended up costing $22 billion and was rife with fraud on the Federal and State level.

The Vanishing Act- $25 billion: I don't know about most of you, but if I misplace $25 dollars in my house - I will be pissed. Well, our government didn't seem to know what happened to $25 billion back in 2003! That's the amount of money which was totally unaccounted for and nobody could figure out where it went. That's the Fed for you!

The great corporations in our country are not always perfect. Here are some well-known blunders by companies involving failed product launches and ad campaigns.

McDonalds' "Arch Deluxe" burger commercial is considered the worst ever by many. And, this is a company, which made it's bones in advertising it's less-than-spectacular hamburgers. Five Guys blows McDonalds away, but the brilliance of their marketing is what makes them billions.

Even legendary former Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs wasn't immune to blunders. Apple's "Lisa" was a bust and never caught on with consumers.

Then of course there are corporate disasters which trump any poor product launch or advertising campaign. When you think of corporate disasters; BP and Enron immediately come to mind. They were multi-billion dollar disasters and among the worst ever.

So North Korea shouldn't feel too bad. They wasted $815 million while their people are starving, but at least they didn't lose $25 billion like the U.S. Government did back in 2003.

For some other outrageous government blunders, check out this site.

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