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Bobby Petrino Screws Over Arkansas Four Years After Screwing The Atlanta Falcons


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Former Atlanta Falcons coach Bobby Petrino has been put on leave at Arkansas after it was discovered he had an improper relationship with an employee who is much younger. This stemmed from a weekend motorcycle crash, which sent Petrino to the hospital. At first he didn't mention that he had a female passenger with him, who happened to be a co-worker that is half his age.

Petrino, you might remember - screwed over the Atlanta Falcons after coaching them for just 13 games in 2007. He became their coach amidst the Michael Vick dog fighting scandal and wimped out on the job when the bobby petrino jessica dorrellFalcons endured a brutal season. The Falcons were just 3-10 under Petrino.

When he abruptly resigned with 3 games left in the regular season, he took the head coaching job at Arkansas within 24 hours of being blown out 34-14 by the New Orleans Saints. Just goes to show you what type of classless individual he is.

Fast forward nearly 4 1/2 years later and Petrino is screwing over another football team after screwing fellow employee Jessica Dorrell, a former Arkansas volleyball player and student-athelete development coordinator for the university. Meanwhile, Michael Vick has resurrected his career with the Philadelphia Eagles and put his criminal past behind him.

Aside from being a creep who slept with a co-worker half his age, Petrino is also an adulteror. He is married with four children.

Petrino claims that he had a "previous inappropriate relationship" with Dorrell.

Let this be a lesson to whoever decides to hire this creep for his next coaching job, if and when Bobby Petrino is fired at Arkansas. It's one thing to pay off college football players and run a sleazy program - like many college football coaches. But, it's despicable when you are an individual who screwed over an NFL football team, screwed a co-worker half your age, cheated on your wife, and screwed over a college football program.

Four years ago Michael Vick looked like the biggest creep in sports. Now you can argue that Bobby Petrino is the biggest creep in college or pro sports.

There is one word for Bobby Petrino - scumbag.

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