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Donovan McNabb Loses Weight In His Comeback Attempt, But Does It Matter?


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Donovan McNabb's bitter divorce with the Washington Redskins and head coach Mike Shanahan has been well-documented. When he was on Skip Bayless' ESPN show a few months ago, he proclaimed that Robert Griffin III would not work out in Washington because of Mike Shanahan and his son.

McNabb is looking to move on from his disastrous seasons in Washington and Minnesota, and trying to come back to the NFL. While many players have attempted this before only to fail; McNabb is looking to buck the trend.

Just how will he do this? By losing weight of course. McNabb claims he has lost 15-20 pounds and is in great shape. Even his former coach Andy Reid is singing his praises by saying he'll "recommend Donovan McNabb to teams."

We've heard this a million times though. A former Pro Bowler has a fall from grace, loses his starting job, and is out of the NFL. Then they spend the offseason working out and tell us how much they're in shape. And, they return to the field only to show us that they are cooked.

Even though McNabb has slimmed down and is telling the entire league that he can still play, will anyone want him? Having a quality starting QB is paramount in a league where there are so many bad ones and so few good ones. But, is Donovan McNabb any better than the bottom third of the starters when he's 35 years old and no longer able to move with his feet? Added to that, his record is just 6-13 in his past 19 starts with 18 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. You can't argue with the fact that his better years are behind him.

He blames his poor production on the lousy teams he was on, but he has to shoulder much of that blame for his inability to avoid sacks and subpar production.

It seems so long ago when he was considered one of the top five quarterbacks in the NFC. Those days are long gone.

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