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If Jerry Sandusky Gets Let Off, Would Vigilante Justice Be Justified?


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As the jury deliberates on the fate of Jerry Sandusky, there is a small chance that the jurors could do the unthinkable and fail to agree on whether or not he is guilty. Thus, a mistrial could be declared if there is a hung jury.

It can't possibly happen can it? Mike McQueary's testimony was pretty cut and dry. He saw Sandusky having sex with a child in a shower. Many other victims have testified that Sandusky committed sexual acts or even raped them. Sandusky's case was dealt a severe blow when he was set to take the stand, but his team decided against it when his adopted son Matt stated that he would testify against his own father!

Now his son Matt is speaking out about being abused by his father, Jerry Sandusky.

With all of this evidence there can't be any way that this creep gets off from these horrific crimes. Well, yes it can happen actually. Casey Anthony was guilty as sin, but the jury let her off - causing an outrage among millions of people.

Today the jury will review Mike McQueary's testimony. It's anybody's guess how long they will take to reach a decision. It could go into next week for all we know. Juries have screwed up cases before, but hopefully they get it right this time. The evidence on Sandusky is overhwhelming.

Should Sandusky be let off, would it be justified for someone to take the law into their own hands? Absolutely. He's a monster who destroyed the lives of countless children. Although I have to tow the so-called line and say these crimes are "alleged"; he's guilty as sin. Hopefully the jury gets this one right. And, if not - hopefully someone delivers justice to this monster.

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