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The Olympic Committee Bullies Olympic Gyro Stand at Reading Terminal Market


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As the 2012 London Olympics are just a few weeks away, the United States Olympic Committee is picking a fight with an unlikely opponent; a gyro stand at The Reading Terminal Market.

The Olympic Gyro Stand received a cease and desist email from the USOC, the non-profit corporation responsible for funding and training United States teams. They demanded that Olympic Gyro remove the word "Olympic" from their name as well as the logo of the interlocking rings. The USOC claims they have exclusive rights to the word under a 1978 law.

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When you consider the fact that they have a sign up with "Olympic" in it along with the interlocking rings I can see the argument there.

However, aren't they being a little petty by telling this gyro stand they can't have the word "Olympic" in the name of their business? Afterall, the Olympic committee didn't invent the word Olympic. That word was around for a long time before the Olympic Committee was even thought of.

Not to mention, Olympic Gyro has been operating at the Reading Terminal for 30 years. Why are they waiting until now to go after them? Seems pretty silly.

Nonetheless, it looks like the courts are siding with the Olympic Committee on this one, which is bad for the folks who run the popular gyro stand at Reading Terminal Market.

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