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James Holmes Faces 12 Charges of First Degree Murder


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James Holmes, the man responsible for the murder of twelve people inside of an Aurora Colorado movie theatre has been formally charged.

Holmes will face 12 counts of first degree murder and an array of other charges. He also wounded 58 people during the shooting rampage.

Holmes reportedly opened fire on the movie-goers just moments after The Dark Knight Rises began.

Holmes was a medical student at University of Colorado. He was reportedly seeing a psychiatrist on the campus in recent months, during the time when his academics fell by the wayside.

Last week it was reported that Holmes sent a package to the Unversity of Colorado, which contained plans of his mass murder rampage.

It is unknown at what point authorities will seek the death penalty against Holmes. It is assumed that his attorneys may seek an insanity plea.

The trial likely won't begin for several more months.

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