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Mayor Nutter Cracks Down on Signs in the Wake of Officer Moses Walker's Death


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The rampant violence in Philadelphia reached another low this past weekend when a pair of thugs gunned down Philadelphia Officer Moses Walker when he was walking home from work.

One of the alleged (most likely guilty) murderers has since been arrested, while the other one at large. Rafael Jones, (23) was charged this morning with the murder of Officer Walker. after being in custody since Wednesday.

It's just the latest in a long line of murders committed by young, black men in Philadelphia - who are "thugging out" and living the life of criminal parasites with absolutely no regard for human life.

Meanwhile, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter is worried about nailing businesses for posting illegal signs on utility poles.

This was such a high priority for Nutter that he hired college students to track down the businesses who were committing these horrendous acts against the citizens of Philadelphia.

Excuse me, but aren't the priorities just a little screwed up here?

Black on black crime seems to be getting worse in the city, despite the city's claims to the contrary. Philadelphia isn't just an embarrassment to the state of Pennsylvania; it's a national embarrassment. Pretty soon this city will become a global embarrassment for the rampant violence.

The number of murders this year (230) is catching up to last year's disgusting total of 324 and we're not even through August yet!

The suits in City Hall will brag about how great of a job the city is doing to combat violent crimes in the city, but the bottom line is they aren't.

Everyone from Michael Nutter to Commissioner Charles Ramsey needs to step up and fight this growing wave of violence.

And, Nutter needs to look at the real reason why Philadelphia's image has been damaged. It certainly has nothing to do with the "blight" of signs on telephone poles.

And, hopefully the two scums responsible for Officer Walker's death receive the death penalty. I don't care what anyone says, they set out to rob and murder someone that night. That's first degree murder in my book.

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