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Sports topics and opinions always make for an interesting debate. If you have an idea for a feature we haven't covered ,or have any comments regarding our articles, send us an email to :

Philadelphia Sports

Philadelphia and sports go together like Philadelphia and corruption. And no one does Philadelphia sports like we do. Think of the four Philadelphia sports major teams as neighborhoods. You got your Eagles area, your Phillies district, your Flyers ward and your Sixers turf. We have our team of writers, including the Emmy Award-Winning Billy Vargus, deeply rooted in each of the these neighborhoods so we always know what’s going on in our backyards. Philadelphia sports? Yeah, we got that.

Philly2Philly Throwback Thursdays

Each week, we select from our submissions either a classic throwback jersey or a completely random jersey of a player from one of our Philly sports teams. Some of these are just plain cool, others you could never imagine people having let alone actually seeing it in public (ie: A Phillies Paul Hoover jersey, which was spotted earlier this year).

If you are out and about and see a throwback jersey that you feel should be featured on Throwback Thursdays, submit in a JPEG file your throwback jersey picture to sports@philly2philly.com Your name, the name of the person wearing the jersey, and town of the person wearing the jersey is optional, but some people like to see that stuff.

This week: To celebrate Super Bowl week, we brough out an Eagles Ike Reese throwback jersey!