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Go break a hip, Jamie Moyer


The following views in this article do not necessarily reflect those of Philly2Philly.com

Jamie Moyer isn't happy that he has been demoted to the pen. He feels that he was assured that he wouldn't be shipped to the pen.

Well I'm sure the team felt when they gave him a very generous contract that he wouldn't have THE WORST ERA of a starting pitcher in the National League. I just hope that he doesn't break a hip getting off his high horse heading out to the pen.

News flash Jamie: you have pitched into the seventh inning TWICE all season, and you routinely get shelled in the 5th inning. You are 46 years old and should act like a professional. You got the chance to win a world title with your HOME TEAM. You should've taken that pitchers rubber and sailed off into the sunset. You said you don't want to be a distraction or make it about yourself, but that is exactly what you did. You have played this game long enough to know this can happen if you play really bad. And Jamie, you have played really bad.

If Pedro Martinez is worse you will get another chance. In saying that, you haven't earned anything with the way you have pitched this year. Your pitches don't fool anyone, and you rely on a ump with a generous strike zone. I rooted for you and pulled for you each start you made, regardless of how bad you did. I don't care how many wins you have. Wins are a team statistic, and you got lucky that the team scores over 6 runs for you when compared with some of the other players on this team. Jamie should feel LUCKY that he is still in the pen and hasn't been designated for assignment like the other senior citizen (John Smoltz) who was pitching for the Boston Red Sox.

He acted like a man. Jamie is acting like a rookie with this sense of entitlement given how poorly he is pitching. So the next time you think about talking about how unfair this is, maybe you should look in the mirror first. This is a team sport and you have been a anchor pulling this staff down and nuking our bullpen every start you make.