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John Gonzalez's feud reaches new low with Howard Eskin column


These days, the Philadelphia Inquirer has been making headlines for it's bankruptcy.  And, Howard Eskin  has been making light of it. 
When listening to his show the other day (which he now co-hosts with Ike Reese) he must have said "The Bankrupt Philadelphia Inquirer" about 25 times when he was explaining how he cancelled his subscription. 
I was even more surprised to see he didn't play into John Gonzalez's recent bash session of him in the Inquirer.
We've all witnessed this sort of story before:  The new kid on the block takes on the veteran (in this case Eskin) who has polarized many people his 30-plus years in the biz.
While Eskin may be obnoxious and a jerk to listeners at times, you can't take away the fact that he worked his way up the ladder from the bottom rung in the 70's making peanuts to where he is today.  Moreover, he backs up most of his claims with evidence.  Yes, at times he comes off as a PR man for the Eagles, but his work ethic and name speaks for itself. 
John Gonzalez is clearly trying to make a name for himself by going the controversial route.
He points out a situation in the Eagles lockeroom when Eskin started screaming at him and called him a "more graphic term" for a jerk. 
Gonzalez goes on to say that Mr. Eskin may be "frustrated" due to a dip in his ratings and brings up the fact that he was now paired with a co-host (Reese). 
All of this animosity between Eskin and Gonzalez started when Gonzalez referred to Eskin as a "hirstute curmudgeon."  For those of you interested in what this means, hirstute means "shaggy/hairy."  And, curmudgeon means a "crusty, ill-tempered old man."  So basically Gonzalez used a few 25 cent words to call Eskin a hairy, nasty old man.  Eskin took umbrage with that and can you blame him? What did Eskin ever do John Gonzalez on the air? I've listened to his show for years and never once heard him rip on "Gonzo."
Then Gonzalez went on to NBC the other day for his routine chat with Vai during the 5:00 news-hour and defended his article and said he'd be willing to "forgive" Howard and let bygones be bygones?
Why in the hell should Howard Eskin beg you for forgiveness Mr. Gonzalez when it was you who started the mudslinging in the first place? Especially when you admit to calling him a "hirstute curmudgeon."
What this boils down to is a young reporter trying to get his name out there, and by doing so he goes the route bottom feedom.  It's a low rent way of making it in this town if you ask me.  There are many ways you can aspire to be a great journalist and "get noticed," but taking shots at someone publicly who is as well-known as Eskin is about as low rent as it gets.
There hasn't been a feud amongst local media personalities this big since Howard Stern forged his feud with local 102.9 WMGK radio personality and Philly legend John DeBella.
Of course that was Howard Stern- a national celebrity.  "Gonzo" couldn't hold Howard's....
You get the idea.
For a link to Gonzalez's "article" check out the link here. 


8:50 AM
Thu Oct 1 2009

Eskin is still a jerk.....despite whatever happened.....he is still a jerk, bottom line.