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Philadelphia Has Eyes on Denver Weather For Phillies-Rockies Game 3 Tonight


Last year in Game Five of the World Series it wasn't a player that had the biggest impact on the game; it was the weather.  A torrential rain storm swept through in Philadelphia and theRays Phils Game 5 temperature plunged into the low-40's.  And, the game had to be delayed for two days until conditions improved.  And, it didn't just rain for a few hours-it rained for days! When Game 5 Part I (as it is known as) was halted, the collective Philadelphia fanbase was shocked and had written this game off as yet another case of bad luck for Philadelphia.  It was going to be worse than the Fog Bowl, because the Phillies were actually set to win a championship in this game.

Turn to Denver, Colorado, where the weather is as schizophrenic as the stock of bank shares these days.  In October you can have weather in the 70's one day and it will snow on the next.

With temperatures expected to top out into the mid-30's this afternoon, the gametime temperature at 7:37 Denver time will be 32 degrees according to trusty Weather.com.

NBC 10 has been hyping this up as the "Ice Bowl" of playoff games, with temperatures expected to be in the 20's.  

There has never been a playoff game played in weather below 35 degrees.  The coldest playoff game in recorded baseball history was game 4 of the 1997 World Series between the Indians and Marlins, when the game time temp was 38 degrees.

Pedro Martinez will take the hill tonight (weather pending) against Jason Hammel.  

Charlie Manuel chose Martinez because of his experience pitching in cold weather playoff games for the Red Sox where they often played in weather below 50 degrees in October.

If there's freezing drizzle tonight then all bets are off and this game will be postponed until tomorrow night, with game 4 being pushed back to Monday night.  

Should the game go on, then not even Pedro Martinez will know what to expect, because he has never pitched in conditions like this.  Neither have the Phillies.

Torrential rain is one thing, but freezing temperatures are another.  Chargers Bengals Freezer Bowl

Bud Selig is in a tough spot here.  If there isn't inclement weather then the game should go on.  These are professional athletes and as long as there's no precipitation then they need to buck up and get down to business.  It will make for an interesting spectacle as well for the TV viewers. MLB will have their answer for NHL's Annual Winter Classic in Coors Field tonight.  

Although we won't see any images like this one from the fabled Chargers-Bengals "Freezer Bowl" playoff game in 1982, where temperatures reached -9 degrees, we could be witnessing history tonight.  With that said, I don't think temperatures are going to be quite as cold as some are saying. 

First pitch is scheduled for 9:37 (7:37 Denver Time).

Photos from www.Rockiesguide.com, www.SI.com, and www.Espn.com