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The Morning After- The Eagles rout the Bucs


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Good morning campers…

Hopefully by the time you’re reading this the Fightins are up 2 games to 1 and looking to wrap up the series vs. the Rockies on Monday night. At the very least we all slept well knowing that the pomposity that is Red Sox Nation is dead for this year and no more Terry Francona. So we have that going for us, which is nice.

As for yesterday’s Birds game… well it’s pretty obvious the class of the NFC East, AKA the Eagles and Giants, are enjoying these extra “bye” weeks the NFL schedule makers have provided in the form of some simply deplorable teams.



You know, I’m a homeowner. And as such I know the value of a good, healthy lawn. I try to keep mine in fairly respectable condition year-round. But the one time you will NEVER see NOR hear me cutting some grass is during an Eagles game.

Apparently one of MQ’s neighbors has decided that during an Eagles game is indeed the optimal time to bring out the ol’ John Deere.

Without fail, as soon as the opening kickoff is airborne, this butt nut’s mowing some sod. At least he’s consistent. He’s done it every single week.

And I may be in line for the next Nobel Peace Prize following Barack Obama as I’ve had to play peacekeeper as MQ’s about ready to tell this guy where he can stick his Craftsman.


Regular readers of the TMA will recognize that heading and will know what’s coming next. Yes, commentary about and relating to the officials AND… tell me what 1970s classic cop show that Zebra 3 is from? Answer below.

As for the “over officious jerks”…

*Let’s start with the phantom offensive pass interference call on DeSean Jackson in the 1Q. This is still football, right? I mean there is still contact allowed, yes? Ok, just checking. Horrible, horrible call.

*And then we had the Eagles defensive touchdown that wasn’t. Someone still needs to explain to me how someone can be ruled to have possession of the ball while another person’s hands are on said ball at the same time. Now, that’s a neat trick. Again, horrible call. And this one was reviewed!

*Speaking of the yellow flags… the Eagles had 10 penalties assessed for a total of 111 yards. Yikes. But they did get their money’s worth, mixing in an offsides on a kickoff, a chop block on a punt, the aforementioned offensive pass interference and on and on. But by far, the most egregious penalty was committed by safety Macho Harris.

With the Bucs facing a nearly insurmountable 3rd and 25 from their own 16, Macho was flagged, correctly mind you, for Unnecessary Roughness. But not on the Bucs’s QB as the majority of these type of infractions are committed upon. Oh no, the Macho man, unnecessarily roughed one of the Bucs receivers far away from the play, which oh by the way was all set to be a 8 yard loss courtesy of a Trent Cole sack.

This would have moved the Bucs back to their own 8 where chances are following the obligatory punt, would have provided the Eagles with very good field position.

The Bucs, taking full advantage of Macho’s moronic miscue, proceeded to march down the field, all the way to the Eagles’ 23 yard-line. Keep in the mind, the score at the time was only 7-0 Birds.

Fortunately for the Eagles the Buc’s head coach Raheem Morris got yet another brain cramp and instead of attempting a field goal, decided to go for it on 4th and 1 which ultimately led to the aforementioned Eagles defensive touchdown that wasn’t.

The bottom line in all of this is 10 penalties for 111 yards is a disgrace. That my friends is the sign of an undisciplined team.

Oh yeah, Zebra 3 was the call sign for Starsky & Hutch’s red Torino.



My what a stellar job Sam Rosen and Tim Green did in calling that game yesterday, wasn’t it?

Oh wait, there was that one time when Timmy, following a Sheldon Brown interception said “it’s lucky that pass wasn’t intercepted by Sheldon Brown.” Check the tape kids, he really said that.

Then there’s his ongoing – and I say ongoing because he’s done this every time he’s covered an Eagles game, and now he has his partner Sam Rosen doing it – and that is complete butchering of Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg’s last name.

It is pronounced Mornin-wheg. It’s fairly simple.

Yet Timmy and Sammy referred to him as Marty Morn-hen-wheg. I could give them a pass if Marty was an unknown entity in the league but the guy’s been around a long time and was even a freakin head coach at one time!



In what may become a regular feature of the TMA, today MQ wants to know… “Is it illegal for Michael Vick to actually throw the ball when he’s in the game?”

It’s a tongue-in-cheek query however you get his point.

Yes, Mike did chuck a couple but how bout letting him air it out now and then?



Ok, so this spot comes on, don’t even remember what it’s for but it features this guy making a pizza and doing all sorts of things with the dough, including rolling it from one shoulder to another like he was Curly Neal or something.

Excuse me, but how’s bout you just make my pizza and save the theatrics for the jugglers and prestidigitators of the world.

Yeah, that’s what I want to eat. A pizza with your dandruff flakes all over it. Yum.



Why was the Eagles “hands team” not on the field for the kickoff with about 7 minutes to play? I realize that’s not the “normal” time to try an onsides kick, but these are the Bucs.. the 0-4 Bucs. What did they have to lose?

The ensuing onsides kick was recovered by the Bucs who promptly when 3 and out but you know… that’s not the point. Should have been prepared.



Trust me, I’ve been called worse. So if you want to call me a party pooper, be my guest.

But I’m sorry. I am having trouble getting giddy over a win against a team that came in winless yet seemed to be hanging around a lot longer than they should have.

Take off the Eagles-green tinted glasses and you will see…


*A lot of missed tackles


*Deplorable kick coverage


*Far too many penalties


*An offense that had no tangible rhythm


But Steve… they won, right?

Yes Virginia, they won. Big deal.

If they continue to play this way when the adult swim portion of the schedule rolls around… it ain’t gonna be pretty.

Mark it down.