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Brad Lidge Comes Through as Phillies edge Rockies in NLDS Classic


In case you are one of the ones who didn't have Columbus Day off and couldn't stay up for the Phillies game this morning............

The Phillies won! And they won in a way that the entire Delaware Valley thought we would lose: with Brad Lidge on the mound. It's never easy with Lidge, but this morning he closed out the 6-5 win as Troy Tulowitzski flied out with the winning runs on base.

In what was most likely the most pivotal game of the series, the fightins edged the Colorado Rockies in an NLDS classic that was all at once physically draining, nerve wracking, and potentially very heartbreaking.

Let's all be honest: This was without question, the Phillies' most important win of the year. During the last month and a half, this team has been nothing but a hot mess- at times looking tired and sometimes flat. Their home run stroke seems non-existent at times. So one can only hope that this win gives the team the boost it so desperately needs. Their already decimated bullpen is being RAVAGED by injuries (the latest to Scott Eyre- coincidentally our top lefty in the pen). Charlie Manuel had to use Ryan Madson long before he should have, paving the way for Lidge in the ninth. The Phils had the lead in this game three times, and gave it right back to Colorado....all three times. J.A. Happ (although he was constantly pinched by the most atrocious umpiring crew in the majors with the exception of whoever wants the Yankees to win) was shaky. Yet the Phillies found a way to win. That's what winners do. Who knows? Maybe this further reminds the Phillies that the Yankees, Dodgers, and Angels right now are ALL playing an unbelievable level of baseball. An equal or possibly even better level that the '08 Phillies were playing at this time. ALL three seem like they are on a mission. The Phillies better find theirs, because they look the least impressive out of those remaining teams. This is the type of game that makes or breaks a team in a short series, and thankfully the Phils came out on top of it. If not, we would be talking about how we all stayed up until 2:18 am only to experience a familiar feeling that we know all too well for the next 30 years.

Why so late are we up do you ask? Well that 10:07 pm starting time is courtesy of the Yankees, who pretty much dictate everything Major League Baseball does. Why not a possible afternoon starting time for the World Champs? Oh yeah, that's right- the Boston Red Sox had to play. I do most of my P2P work at the crack of dawn anyway, so this late starting time doesn't matter to me. However, the fact that a young 10 year-old kid has to stay up after 2 o'clock in the morning just to watch his favorite team who he has rooted for all year is an absolute joke. A DISGRACE! And MLB wonders why it loses viewership-EVERY YEAR. But anyhow, I digress.

With Cliff Lee taking the mound this evening, you have to like the Phillies chances of wrapping up this series. However, don't count out Colorado just yet.

But for now, or until the next 14 or so hours, the Philadlephia Phillies live to die another day.

NOW, I'm going to bed. And if ANYONE wakes me up in a few hours, I will find you!!!!!!


A-Fraud Report:

Tonight against the Twins, A-Fraud actually homered to help the Yankees beat an exhausted, run-down, and inexperienced team who really shouldn't be in the playoffs.  We shall see how well he does come ALCS time.  An ideal scenario of course, is to have the Yankees go the World Series and play the Phillies and have A-Fraud completely choke.