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NFL Power Rankings Week 6


The Top 10 NFL Power Rankings and my, my… look at all the new faces.

1. Giants (1). Say it with me… “G-Men are here til they lose. Or play a real NFL team, whichever comes first.

2. Saints (2).  Bye week does not warrant losing a place in my Top 10.

3. Vikings (3). Poor Spags… I do think he’ll get the Rams turned around… course they may be in LA by then.

4. Colts (4). I guess the Titans can lose again. Wow. I know, pretty insightful but wow… the Titans are 0-5. Hard to believe, Harry.

5. Broncos (6). Ok no one, and I mean no one outside of Denver had the Broncos playing this well this far into the season. What in the name of Karl Mecklenburg is going on?

6. Falcons (9). A very impressive win on the road by the Bay.

7. Eagles (10). Like the Giants, the Eagles are feasting on the Division II teams they’re playing seemingly each week.

8. Bengals (N/A). Perhaps that should read MIA instead of N/A. Ok no one, and I mean no one outside of… you get the idea.

9. Steelers (N/A). Call it a hunch but me thinks the Steelers are going to kick it in gear pretty soon and not coincidentally by any means when #43 returns.

10. Patriots (5). Quite simply, the best of the rest.