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Philly2Philly.com-NFL Picks Week 6


NFL Picks Week 6

Ok, up until now, it's been yours truly going head to head with one Dennis Bakay. Well, starting this week, we're gonna make this thing a little more interesting.

First off, we're adding our Utility Infielder and resident madman Jesse Lorenz into the mix to see how much pigskin prognosticating prowess he has. Plus, we're adding a fourth member to our team. A young man who's seen quite a lot in his short amount of time on this Earth. A young man who can not only name every NFL team, but also every Bakugan Battle Brawler. A young man who happens to be my son 5 year old son Josh.

So, without further adieu, let's see how much the so-called experts (myself, Dennis & Jesse) know compared to a five-year old boy.

My money's on Josh.

Philly2Philly.com Week 6 NFL Picks