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The Morning After - The Eagles Lose to the Raiders


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Morning campers,

If you recall, last Monday we awoke to an Eagles win AND a Phillies win – the latter taking the Fightins to the NLCS to face the Dodgers.

Here’s hoping we have a serious case of déjà vu again today, waking up to another Phils win because as for the Eagles, well… you know.

Had to call an audible this week as my faithful companion MQ was under the weather with the flu. Join me in wishing the greatest financial mind since James Cash Penney a speedy recovery.

In the 1Q, Donovan McNabb threw a pass to a wide open tight end wearing #82 who promptly dropped it. Man, that gave me chills…

Before I get to the action on the field yesterday, have to share this must-read story with you. My friend and co-worker Isaac Segal shared it with me. And after reading it, I was, in a word: completely blown away.

The story looks at a fascinating juxtaposition between dog fighting and the sheer brutality and violence in football, particularly the effects on offensive lineman. It delves into a progressive neurological disorder found in people who have suffered some kind of brain trauma called CTE - Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.

Here’s the link… I highly recommend reading this story.

Last week I received an email from the former president of the Lito Sheppard Fan Club, one Thomas Karr. In his missive, Mr. Karr accused me of being too negative.

Well far be it for me to “too negative.”

How’s this Tommy?

*How great was it when Donovan McNabb pulled a “Chris Webber” and called a timeout when there were no timeouts left?
*And the number of times #5 chose not to run despite having what appeared to be ample real estate in front of him? Whoo hoo!!!
*Didn’t you all just smile from ear to ear watching the deplorable play of the Eagles offensive line?
*Ooh, how bout the stellar work by David Akers? Man, that was fabulous!
*Almost forgot the textbook defense and tackling the Birds put on display during the Raiders touchdown
*Then we had the brilliant and truly offensive play calling by Andy Reid and Marty Morn-hen-wheg. I cheered all day long watching that brilliance
*I did like the decision to go for it on 4th Down call by Big Red in the 2Q, especially considering they were on their own side of the 50
*Wait… what about how damn-near-human the Eagles defense made heretofore abysmal QB JaMarcus Russell look? Yeah baby, good times…!!!
*Speaking of negative, (not really but what the hell) help me understand why there was no penalty thrown on the play in the 3Q when DeSean Jackson was injured.
*And speaking of WTF calls… how in the world was a roughing the kicker penalty not assessed on the Raiders following Akers’ 3rd field goal?

 Not watching the game at MQ’s palatial estate has its advantages, including spending more time my children Samantha and Josh.

 Now, they did not watch the game with me – I instructed them that that would not be a good idea given my penchant for, well… let’s just say I get vocal and leave it at that.

But during a break in the game my daughter came in to discuss with me plans for her forthcoming “sleep over” party she’s planning with some of her friends. She expressed concern that she and her friends would be up late and thus prevent me from getting my 8 hours of beauty sleep...

Samantha: “Dad, why don’t you sleep at Grandmom’s house on her crouton?”

Obviously she meant to say “futon” but… me being me – demented, wondered aloud just how big a crouton would have to be for me to sleep on it.

“It has been determined this was a hoax, a publicity stunt.”

With those words, said by Larimer County (Colorado) Sheriff Jim Alderden, I think I speak for many when I write…

I’ve been cheated, been mistreated.

Like many of you I’m sure, I was glued to the TV and Internet this past Thursday as we all watched the seemingly incredulous events unfold over the skies of Colorado.

And now of course it’s becoming painfully obvious that this entire thing was a farce.

And it’s also painfully obvious that patriarch of the family, Richard Heene is a man who craves the spotlight so much so he’s willing to use his children to feed his media-craving ego.

This is truly an abomination and I fear the worse is yet to come.

I know, I know Andy… you have to do a better job of putting your guys in better situations. 

Make no mistake about it, kids… this was a complete team meltdown.